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Singing In The Rain Ukulele tab

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Singing In The Rain

(Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown)

Tono:  G#
Intro: Eb7M C#7M 

Eb7M               Fm7 
I'm singing in the rain 
Gm                 G#7M 
Just singin' in the rain 
Eb7M/Bb            Cm 
What a glorious feeling 
I'm happy again 
Cm               Cm7M 
I'm laug hin gat clouds 
   Cm7       Cm6 
So dark up above 
The sun's in my heart 
G#m6                  (C#7M C7 B7M) 
And I'm ready for love 
Eb7M                   Fm7 
Let the stormy clouds chase 
Gm            G#7M 
Every one from the place 
Eb7M/Bb            Cm 
Come on with the rain 
I've a smile on my face 
Cm               Cm7+ 
I walk down the lane 
       Cm7        Cm6 
With a happy refrain 
  G#7M              G#m6 
Singin', just singin' in the rain 
Eb7M   C#7M 
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