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You Are The Way Ukulele tab

Dean Salyn



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You Are The Way

(Dean Salyn)

Tono:  A
Bm  A  D  A  Bm  A  D  D/F# 
G2  A  Bm  A  G2  A  D 
A Bm A D You are the Way, You are the Light A Bm A D You are the Truth, You are the Life D/F# G2 A Bm No power below, Your throne above A G2 A D A/C# Bm Could ever take me from Your love
Verse 1: (Bm) A/C# D You give me strength through tribulation Em Bm A Bm Somehow You never let me fall (Bm) A/C# D You hear my cries of desperation Em Bm A G2 And give me faith to carry on (G2) A D The world is raging all around me Em D/F# G2 But You know how to calm the storm Verse 2: (Bm) A/C# D You are my source of inspiration Em Bm A Bm Whenever hope begins to fade (Bm) A/C# D You are the voice of invitation Em Bm A G2 That calls me to a higher place (G2) A D The world is raging all around me Em D/F# G2 But I am safe within Your arms Bridge: D/F# G2 A D You are the Rock of my salvation D/F# G2 A D The One in whom I have believed D/F# G2 A Bm The Cornerstone of my foundation G2 A All You are is all I need Em Asus A You are the Breath of Life in me ©2005 Vineyard Songs Canada (Admin. by Music Services) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada
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