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Teddy O'Neill

Tono:  C
	  C		Am 
I dreamt all last night, 
Dm		G7 
oh bad cess to my dreaming! 
C		Am 
I’d die if I thought 
Dm		G7 
‘t would come surely to pass. 
C		Am 
I dreamt, while the tears 
Dm		G7 
down my pillow were rolling, 
C		Dsus4 
my Teddy was courting 
G9		C 
another fair lass. 
And didn’t I wake 
Dm		C 
with a weeping and wailing, 
Am		C 
the pain in my heart 
Dm		G7 
was too deep to conceal. 
C		Am 
My mother cried “Nora dear, 
Dm		G7 
what is your railing?” 
C		Dsus4 
but all I could answer 
G9		C 
was “Teddy O’Neill”. 
I’ve seen the old cabin 
beyond the wee boreen, 
I’ve seen the old crossroads 
where we used to dance. 
I ramble the lane 
where he called me his storeen 
and my girlish heart 
felt the thrill of romance. 
But now all around 
is so sad and so dreary, 
all dark and all silent, 
no piper, no reel. 
Not even the sun 
through the casement shines cheery 
since I left my darling boy, 
Teddy O’Neill. 
Shall I ever forget 
when the big ship was ready 
and the time it was come 
for my love to depart? 
How I cried like a child 
a goodbye to you, Teddy, 
with a tear on my cheek 
and a stone in my heart. 
He said ‘t was far better 
his fate he went roving, 
but what would be gold 
to the joy I would feel 
if he’d only come back 
to me, tender and loving, 
yet poor, but my own darling, 
Teddy O’Neill. 
J. Chaves Rosa 
[email protected]
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