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All been ready - Larry Norman Ukulele tab

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All been ready - Larry Norman

Tono:  F
	  INTRO: F  F7/D#  Bb  C4  C  C9  C  }2x 

F                                 F7/D# 
Life was filled with guns and war 
And all of us got trampled on the floor 
            C4   C   C9  C 
I wish we'd all been ready 
The children died, the days grew cold 
  F7/D#                              Bb 
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold 
            C4   C   C9  C 
I wish we'd all been ready  
Bb F There's no time to change your mind F7/D# Bb F The Son has come and you've been left behind
F A man and wife as leep in bed F7/D# Bb She hears a noise and turns her head he's gone C4 C C9 C I wish we'd all been ready F Two men walking up a hill F7/D# Bb One disappears and one's left standing still C4 C C9 C I wish we'd all been ready (Repete o Refrão)
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SOLO: e ---------------------------------------------------- B --10--10--10----10--10h11--10--10------10--10--10--- G ---------------------------------------------------- D ---------------------------------------------------- e -----10--8------------------------------------------ B --10-------10--6h8--8------------10---8---6---8----- G ---------------------------10----------------------- D ----------------------8/10----10-------------------- e ---------------------------------------------------- B --10--10--10----10--10h11--10--10------10--10--10--- G ---------------------------------------------------- D ---------------------------------------------------- e -----10--8------------------------------------------ B --10-------10--6h8--8-----8--8--8p6--6--6----------- G -----------------------------------------------10--- D ------------------------------------------8/10----10 e ---------------------------------------------------- B --10---8---6---8------------------------------------ G ---------------------------------------------------- D ----------------------------------------------------
Bb F The Father spoke, the demons dined F7/D# Bb How could you have been so blind? (Repete o Coro 2x) C4 C C9 C | I hope we'll all be ready | 3x F | You've been left behind |
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