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Brother's Keeper Ukulele tab

David Hampton

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Brother's Keeper

(David Hampton / Scott Wesley Brown)

Tono:  E
E      B     F#m  C#m   A      B      C#m   B 
No man is an is ? land, no man stands alone. 
E      B        F#m   C#m      A          B     E 
We all need our bro - thers to point each other home. 
   E    B/D#    F#m  C#m     A         B     C#m   B 
As iron sharpens i - ron, we urge each other forth. 
   E       B/D#   F#m   C#m      A      B       E 
To walk as men of pro - mise, committed to You, Lord. 
A C#m E/B B So let us be our brother's keeper, E/G# A E/G# B And help us stand as men of love. E/G# A E/G# B C#m Help us inspire each one as seekers, B A B E To glorify You, Lord above.
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