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So Far Away Ukulele tab

David Gilmour


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So Far Away

Áño: 2006 - Álbum: David Gilmour

Tono:  C
	  C  F/C  C  F C (2x) 
What am I suspended here? 
Should I kid myself that I have no fear? 
I get no choice, I just have to wait 
It may already be too late 
G                   Gsus4 
I don't know what's going on 
G      Gsus4          F    F5  F  F5 
She is here, but I am gone 
     Em       D 
I am gone 
My love is lying here 
She's far away though she looks so near 
"Time will tell" she says to me 
When a warm coat is all I need 
G                      Gsus4 
Her peace of mind, her strentgh of will 
G                  Gsus4 
It will come she's sure it will 
F                    F5 
And how can I put my mind at rest? 
F                           Em    D 
I feel I'm coming up second best 
        C/Bb           F/C 
And I'm caught with my own life 
          Bb/D            C/E 
Is this a dream, or is it real life? 
     Bb/F              F 
Oooh sleep, come on me soon 
        Ab/Eb            Eb 
I can't bear this lonely room 
(Solo, repetir harmonia inicial inclusive a progressão) 
Look at that hand lying there 
The room is dark she shows no fear 
I'm lying still, my eyes are wide 
My heart is pumping, I'm still alive 
I'm still awake against my will 
What will it ever take 
To still this burning in me? 
And I'm caught with my own life 
Is this a dream, or is it real life? 
Ooooh, sleep, come on me soon 
I can't bear this lonely room 
Sleep, come on me soon 
I can't bear this lonely room 
Sleep, don't take too long 
Can't keep singing this lonely song 
(repetir Bb/F F Ab/Eb Eb até acabar) 
Contribuição: Matheus Vignali([email protected]) 

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