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You Feel So Lonely You Could Die Ukulele tab

David Bowie



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You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

Tono:  A
Capo en el 1er traste

Intro: A E G D (2x) 

D           Bm      D      Bm   
No one else saw you moving through the dark 
G        F#m           Em               Bm 
Leaving slips of paper somewhere in the park 
D                Bm   
Hidden from your friends 
D                 Bm 
Stealing all they knew 
G                 F#m 
Love is thrown in airless rooms 
Em                    Bm 
Then vile rewards for you 

     Bm              D                 E7 
I?m gonna tell. Yes, I?ve got to tell, gotta tell 
                  G     Bm   G 
The things you?ve said 
When you?re talking in the dark 
And I?m gonna tell the things you?ve done 
When you?re walking through the park 

D               E 
Some night on a thriller street 
D                  A 
Will come a silent gun 
D              E 
You?ve got a dangerous heart 
D                      A 
You stole their trust, their moon, their sun 
D                E 
There'll come assassin's needle 
D            A 
On a crowded train 
D                    E                D  E  A  D
I bet you´ll feel so lonely you could die 

D                      Bm 
Buildings crammed with people 
D                     Bm 
Landscape filled with wrath 
G              F#m 
Grey concrete city 
Em               Bm 
Rain has wet the street 
D                 Bm 
I want to see you clearly 
D                    Bm 
Before you close the door 
G                  F#m 
A room with bloody history 
Em               Bm 
You made sure of that 

I can see you as a corpse 
Hanging from a beam 
E7                    G   Bm    
I can read you like a book 
I can feel you falling 
I here you moaning in your room 
Oh, see If I care 
Oh please, please, make it soon 

D              E 
Walls have you cornered 
D                        A  
You?ve got the blues, my friend 
D                E 
And people don?t like you 
        D                                A 
But you leave without a sound without an end 
D              E 
Oblivion shall own you 
D                      A 
Death alone shall love you 
D                  E                D  E  A  D 
I hope you feel so lonely you could die, 
D         E  
(Feel so lonely) 
          D  E  A  D  
You could die 
            E                D 
You feel so lonely you could die 
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