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We Are The Dead Ukulele tab

David Bowie



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We Are The Dead

Áño: 1974 - Álbum: Diamond Dogs [ECD]

Tono:  G
	  Intro:  Gm  Bb  F 
         Gm  Bb  F 

Gm                Bb       F 
Something kind of hit me today, I looked at you and  
Dm              D             Eb  Bb 
Wondered if you saw things my way 
F           D          Gm  
People will hold us to blame 
   Gm7      Eb      C        F 
It hit me today, it hit me today 
      Gm        Bb           F 
We're taking it hard all the time 
                     Dm       D            Eb               Bb 
Why don't we pass it by, just reply you've changed your mind 
      F                 D           Gm 
We're fighting with the eyes of the blind 
Gm7       Eb    C         F         Eb  Dm  Bb 
Taking it hard, taking it hard, yet now 
   Ab               Gb     F                   C 
We feel that we are paper, choking on you nightly 
     Bb              Ab            Gb                F 
They tell me son, we want you, be elusive, but don't walk far 
          C               Bb        Ab                   Gb 
For we're breaking in the new boys, deceive your next of kin 
           F                 C           Bb         Ab 
For you're dancing where the dogs decay, defecating ecstasy 
               Gb          F 
You're just an ally of the leecher 
  C             Bb                 Ab               Gb 
Locator for the virgin King, but I love you in your fuck me pumps 
         F                 C 
And your nimble dress that trails 
    Bb                 Ab                Gb               F 
Oh, dress yourself, my urchin one, for I hear them on the rails 
           C             Bb           Ab 
Because of all we've seen, because of all we've said 
Gb         D  C  D  C 
We are the dead 

Gm                Bb           F 
One thing kind of touched me today 
                    Dm             D            Eb  Bb 
I looked at you and counted all the times we had laid 
F            D                Gm 
Pressing our love through the night 
Gm7          Eb     C            F 
Knowing it's right, knowing it's right 
Gm             Bb            F 
Now I'm hoping some one will care 
              Dm          D          Eb    Bb 
Living on the breath of a hope to be shared 
F               D           Gm 
Trusting on the sons of our love 
     Gm7          Eb    C            F         Eb  Dm  Bb 
That someone will care, someone will care, but now 

        Ab              Gb         F                           C 
We're today's scrambled creatures, locked in tomorrow's double feature 
Bb              Ab          Gb               F 
Heaven's on the pillow, its silence competes with hell 
       C                Bb             Ab               Gb 
It's a twenty four hour service, guaranteed to make you tell 
        F                   C 
And the streets are full of press men 
        Bb               Ab 
Bent on getting hung and buried 
        Gb        F            C                Bb 
And the legendary curtains are drawn round Baby Bankrupt 
    Ab                     Gb 
Who sucks you while you're sleeping 
         F            C 
It's the theater of financiers 
            Bb            Ab 
Count them, fifty round a table 
Gb                   F 
White and dressed to kill 
     C                 Bb 
Oh caress yourself, my juicy 
       Ab                 Gb 
For my hands have all but withered 
   F                 C                 Bb               Ab 
Oh dress yourself my urchin one, for I hear them on the stairs 
           Gb            F 
Because of all we've seen 
C          Bb 
Because of all we've said 
D          C   D 
We are the dead 
C          D   C  D 
We are the dead 
C          D   C  D  C 
We are the dead 

Final: Gm  Bb  F 
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