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Remembering Marie A Ukulele tab

David Bowie



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Remembering Marie A

Tono:  G

NB: you can add an optional G on the light E string on the second C chord of each first line. 

         C                         C  
It was a day in that blue month september 
         F                              C 
Silent beneath the plum trees' slender shade 
I held her there 
My love, so pale and silent 
          G                          C 
As if she were a dream that must not fade 
         F                      C 
Above us in the summer shinning heaven 
            Am                          Dm 
There was a cloud my eyes dwelled long upon 
             G                    Dm 
It was quite white and very high above us 
Then I looked up 
And found that it had gone 

               C                     C 
And since that day, so many moons in silence 
     F                              C 
Have swum across the sky and gone below 
               Am                           Dm 
The plum trees surely have been chopped for firewood 
           G                            C 
And if you ask, how does that love seem now 
         F                     C 
I must admit, I really can't remember 
         Am                          Dm 
Though I know what you are trying to say 
              G                        Dm 
But what that face was like, I know no longer 
       G                        C 
I only know I kissed it on that day 

           C                   C 
As for the kiss, I long ago forgot it 
            F                         C 
But for the cloud that floated in the sky 
            Am                      Dm 
I know that still and shall forever know it 
             G                       C 
It was quite white and moved in very high 
          F                             C 
It may be that the plum trees still are blooming 
              Am                      Dm 
That woman's seventh child may now be there 
             G                          Dm 
And yet that cloud had only bloomed for moments 
When I looked up 
It vanished on the air. 
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