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Conversation Piece Ukulele tab

David Bowie

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Conversation Piece

Tono:  Am
Am took this walk to ease my   
G mind  
To find out what's gnawing at me F  
Wouldn't think to look at me  
that I've Am spent a lot of time in education  
It all seems so long ago  
I'm a   
      Am  thinker not a talker  
G   I've no-one to talk to anyway  
 Am can't see the road  
for the   
G rain in my   
F eyes  
Am Ahhh G ahhh F7 ah F ah.  
Am live above the grocers   
G store  
owned by an   
F Austrian  
He often calls me down to eat  
And he   
Am jokes about his broken English  
G tries to be a friend to me  
But for Am all my years of reading conversation  
G I stand without a word to say  
I  Am can't see the bridge  
for the G rain in my F eyes  
Am Ahhh G ahhh F7ah F ah.  
And the Am world is full of G life  
Full of folk who don't know F me  
And they walk in twos or threes or more  
While the Am light that shines above the grocers store  
G investigates my face so rudely  
And my Am essays lying scattered on the floor  
G Fullfil their needs just by being there  
And my hands shake my head hurts  
my voice sticks inside my F7 throat  
I'm Am invisible and G dumb  
no-one will recall F me  
And I Am can't see the water  
through the G tears in my F ey-y-yes  

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