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Coming Home Ukulele tab

David Akeem James

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Coming Home

Tono:  Em

been away some time but yo im back now 
had to find a way to get on track and 
i know i did you wrong but on this track i  
promise imma pay back even if it takes a lifetime 
believe me girl cause er'y word i say is real 
hope this music and and these words can make ya feel 
whats in ma heart cause im comming back home  
with you forever babe  
know i'll neva leave ya lone 

and its time yea its time  
and its time to come home 
and its time yea its time 
and its time to come home 
it is time 

for to many seasons, i been 
away from you love, and i 
just burnt myself out, trying 
trying to make on my own.... 
and yea i 
i crossed that mountain, and i 
i swam that river, but it 
it felt like nothing without you 
without you by my side..... 

and its time 
its time.... to come home.... 

just tell me something, have you 
remembered what i told you 
before i left girl, when you 
begged me to stay and not go.... 
ohhh ohhhhh.... 
i said id return to you girl 
and have no worry, i would  
return a man and not this  
you've known 
no no.... 

and now its time 
its time... to come home 

dont need da back to convey the way i feel 
i'll do this verse acapella so you can hear  
just what i fear when out alone 
hoping from city to city fraid to take ma ass home 
cause i felt such hurt before you came around 
and i put up a wall but girl you tair it down 
i just cant seem to stay but i dont want to go 
cause you make my heart wonder if u cu be the one 
who sposetta free ma soul from this eternal pain  
and shield ma eyes from rays deep inside that sting 
im hoping its not to late just for one more round 
give mee that chance girl to make you proud 
just one time... 
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