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The Last Night Of Not Knowing You Ukulele tab

Darren Hanlon


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The Last Night Of Not Knowing You

Artist: Darren Hanlon  
Album: The Last Night Of Not Knowing You  
Tabbed by: Garry Westmore   [email protected]  
The lyrics might be a tad wrong in some places, but none the less this is one of my  
favorite Darren Hanlon songs, and for any couples out there this one is certainly a  
beauty for nostalgia and recollecting your first meeting. Hell I even went to the  
extent of writing my own verses for when I met my dearest, drunk at falls festival.  
Ze Chords  
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Bm A D/B G Em D E e--2---5---2---3---7---5---7 a--2---7---5---5---7---5---7 d--4---7---4---5---9---7---9 g--4---6---2---4---9---7---9 b--3---5---3---3---8---7---9 e--2---5---2---3---7---5---7
0:15 Bm A D/B G We've been thru it all sorted shade from light Bm A D/B G recounted each step that i made on that night 0:30 Em D G A along stone cobbled streets riddled throughout the town Em D G A to a candlelit bar university ground Bm A D/B A a friend in our band is what brought you there too Bm A G E on the last night of not knowing you... Bm A G D/B on the last night of not knowing you... an arrangement of strangers tables and chairs tobacco and wine left me fuzzy upstairs but what weak minds prevent hard proof may allow did my eyes have a spark that they seem to have now a blurred photo taken that he holds not a clue on the last night of not knowing you the last night of not knowing you.... i've counted each hour ive been thru it all each coin spent at the bar and each game of pinball days from last week i cant tell fiction from fact but that night upon request i could re enact in a town far from home i was just passing through on the last night of not knowing you.... the last night of not knowing you... Bridge: Chords are still Bm, A, G, D/B but there are little variations of these chords I did'nt have time to figure out. Listen to Cd for strumming it's easy to say with hindsight in our hands some divine puppeteer had the whole meeting planned but what if the promoter had pulled out as some promoters do the band wouldn't have played, the gig would have fell through and earthquake could have split this world into two... on the last night of not knowing you.... the last night of now knowing you...
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