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Falling Aeroplanes Ukulele tab

Darren Hanlon


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Falling Aeroplanes

Tono:  D
Darren Hanlon - Falling Aeroplanes 
From 'Early Days'. 
Great song, simple to play and sing, wish I wrote it. 
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Intro: e----------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------- G-----------------2-----4-4-6-2-2--------------------- D---0-0-0-0-0---4---0-0-----------0-0-5-4-2-0-0-2-4-2- A-------------0--------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------- G-----------------2-----4-4-6-2-2--------------------- D---0-0-0-0-0---4---0-0-----------0-0-5-4-2-0-0-2-0-0- A-------------0--------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------------
then D.... Chord Pro: D G D G Boy threw his guitar down and started beating his brow, no matter how hard D A he tried he couldn't justify, D G D G All that wasted time, spent inventing words and rhyme, as the stars and the D A D planets and the clock did laps. D G D You see making up songs is for losers, I should build something she uses, like a G D A box or a bed or cupboards or shelves. D G D G Cause songs are made of air, they can't be any use to her, better off trying to A D catch falling aeroplanes. D G D Then girl said boy don't be so stupid, boy don't be so daft, you're not even right A by half. And although you say your songs are fundamentally air, there's also thousands of vibrations that stimulate the ear in such a way that every time I hear D G D G them, they always make me smile, they're just as tactile as a box or a bed or D A D G D cupboards or shelves, so boy now stop your moping, your cursing and no-hoping G A D and get back in the saddle. D G D While she was still speaking, towards his feet he's reaching, where lay his guitar. G D His head was swimming in the alphabet, soup letters swirled and words formed, in his heart. He said D G D G I'm going to build a song for us with four verses and a chorus, on real estate your A D G D G words inspired. And there we'll live rent free, sleep on beds of melody as the stars A D and the planets and the clock do laps. D G D G And so that song he built was hers, with a chorus and four verse, and she woke to A D find him finally asleep. This is a pretty simplified, one person playing, version of the song, but it still sounds good. [email protected]
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