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There Aint No Easy Way Ukulele tab

Darrell Scott

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There Aint No Easy Way

Tono:  Em
	  Darrell Scott     There Ain't No Easy Way  written by Darrell Scott  
Tim O'Brien 
Em                      Am                     G   
Won't you listen to my story I gotta a tale to tell it's 
                     Am                                  B7 
About a man who gets caught somewhere between heaven and hell 
                  Am     C                  G D   
Yea the man's in anguish I guess you could say 
      C     C/B C/A C/G Em    Em      A  G  Em 
There ain't no   easy   way 
Em                                                G 
Well when I was young boy I learned to play  the guitar 
                      Em                     B7 
It was me and old Jim Beam down at the local bar 
              Am         C                G D 
Yea I lost my childhood but I earned me a trade 
          C     C/B C/A C/G Em     
Now there ain't no   easy   way 
Em                                       G 
I found me a woman I gave her heart and soul 
                 Em                             B7 
I nearly lost my mind thru it all yeah she took control 
              Am         C                G D 
She gave me a baby child then she took it away 
      C     C/B C/A C/G Em     
There ain't no    easy  way 
Am                                         Em 
I prayed to the father to the moon and the sun 
            Am                                         Em 
I prayed to anyone or anything that could get the job done 
                  Am                            Em D 
I hear different voices but the words are  the same 
C           C/B C/A C/G  B7 
There ain't no    easy   way 
               Em                                  G 
I went to this doctor to see what my trouble might be 
                         Em                                         B7 
And I was looking at the bottom of his shoe while he was looking at me 
                Am      C                    G  B7 
We sat there in silence but what I wanted to say 
I wanted to say 
Em                                  G 
When it's all over and my grave you stand 
Try to think of something good to say 
About this no good man 
               Am      C                    G D 
Please do me a favor  won't you write on my grave 
      C     C/B C/A C/G Em     
There ain't no    easy  way 
From Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott 'Real Time' 
Howdy Skies Records 2000 
EMI Muisc/House Of Bram Music(ASCAP) 
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