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Homegrown Honey Ukulele tab

Darius Rucker



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Homegrown Honey

Tono:  C
Capo en el 1er traste



Sitting at a bar in New York City 
Everybody here looking New York pretty 
But you’re the kinda girl that’s got that something 
Dancing to the groove like it just ain’t nothing 

They ain’t never seen nothing quite like you 
Long stem legs in your cowboy boots 
Throwing back whiskey straight, no water 
Girl there ain’t nothing hotter 
C Am Ooh, I dig the way that you move G You shake it down to your roots F Did your momma teach you how to do that thing you do C Am Yeah, nothing sweeter than wild G I’ll take a sip of that smile F I’ll bet the boys at home can’t leave you alone C You little homegrown honey, honey, honey Am You’re so money, money, money G You got a country road Carolina soul F Baby you’re just so homegrown
|C|Am|G|F F C C| C Trying to think of something cool to say Am Turned around and saw you walking my way G Pulled me on the floor saying “Son it’s on” F And we were dancing all night long To a sweet old Alabama song Repeat Chorus |C|Am|G|F| (solo) C Ooh baby, baby, baby Am You’re driving me crazy, crazy, crazy G I’m a long way away from where I’m from F But baby you feel like home Repeat Chorus Am You’re so money, money, money G You got a country road Carolina soul F Baby you’re just so homegrown
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