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On The Banks Of Trilliums Ukulele tab

Daniel Romano



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On The Banks Of Trilliums

Tono:  D
D                            G/B            D 
On the banks of trilliums my lovin’ I did lay 
      G/B         D            Em               G 
and I took out my guitar and a tune for her I’d play 
       D                   G/B               D 
In the middle of a tune, I stopped and I did say, 
   G         Em       D 
Oh Misha oh Misha would you leave me? 

D                 G/B            D 
Oh when you were a girl, did you hear your father say 
      G/B                D         Em               G 
that he’d rather see you dead than buried in the clay 
D                   G/B               D 
Sooner than be married to any runaway 
       G       Em           D 
by the lovely sweet banks of trillium 

D                 G/B            D 
Oh Misha I’m no runaway, and soon I’ll let them know 
      G/B                D         Em               G 
I can take the good hard work, and never will I go 
D                   G/B               D 
For the music doesn’t need me, at another shallow show, 
       G       Em           D 
no day will I go roving to another 

D                 G/B            D 
I should leave it all behind, never to return again, 
      G/B                D         Em               G 
for the cities they won’t mind, and I’ve nothing for to say 
D                   G/B               D 
And I’m not true love, we’ll sit and we will play, 
       G          Em                  D 
on the lovelyyyyy sweet banks of trillium 

G/B     D          G/B         D 
Farther along we’ll, know more about it 
G/B     D            Em         A 
Farther along we’ll, understand why 
            D       G/B          D 
Cheer up my brother, live in the sunshine 
G/B      D          A           D 
We’ll understand it, all by and by 
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