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He Lets Her Memory Go Wild Ukulele tab

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He Lets Her Memory Go Wild

Tono:  B
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Intro Riff (tip: hold the 5 on the B string) E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------0| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------2-1-0--| D|-------------------------------------------------------------0-2----0--------| G|------7----------------7----------------7------------0-2---2-----------------| B|8-7-5---5-7-5----8-7-5---5-7-5----8-7-5---5-7-5----3-----0-------------------| e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Em There are times, Am when I almost catch him smiling C There are times G Em When the pain will cease to show Em There are times When days go by C G And he doesn’t even cry Am And then again Em He lets her memory go Chorus C G He lets her memory go, C G Am G Wi---ld with the thoughts of her kisses Em G C And her beautiful smile G From the sounds in the kitchen Am G To the tears of a child C G C Em He lets her memory go, wild Em There are days Am When he’ll go out with the children C There are days G Em When you think it wasn’t so Em There are days when moments pass C G Like they’ve got some chance to last Am And then again Em He lets her memory go Chorus
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