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Rows Of Houses Ukulele tab

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Rows Of Houses

Tono:  G
Packing father 
C             Em             
     Tin can, shooter, 
D             C         
Makes us ready  
He lies in waiting 
C             Em 
And I hope we find him 
D                C  
Before they find him  

G        C        Em      D       C 
Ooooooh, ooooooh, ooooooh,oooooooh,  

Basically the same for the rest of the song.......* 

So I tell stories  
Make my friends tick  
They like me for it 
So bring on the papers  
'Cause we're ready for 'em  
What makes us ready? 

Ooooooh oooooh, oooooh,  

*until you get to here........ 

The sight of Brower 
C                  Em 
The taste of something 
D               C  
The thought of houses,  
D           C 
Rows of houses  

The sight of Brower 
The taste of something,  
The thought of houses,  
Rows of Houses  
Rows of houses  
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