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Sister Rust Ukulele tab

Damon Albarn



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Sister Rust

Tono:  Am

Intro: Am Dm E 

F            G 
Sister Rust, where are you now?  
  Em      Bb         F 
I met you over rocky mountain.  
F             G                                Em       Bb      F 
Feeling blue, waiting for a last frame to walk through, all together.  
    F                                 Em                     Bb 
But when you closed your eyes, it was then I realized. 
You were so far away. 
F                                E7  
There was nothing I could do, to stop you feeling blue.  


Am Dm E 

Then full blown orchestral bit follows (still to figure it out) 

Am Dm E 
F             G 
Sister Rust, I need you now.  
Em               F 
Cause I've got a feeling.  
F                      G 
It's you and me again, waiting for the credits to end.  
Em  Bb  F 
Now and forever.  
F                                  Em                   Bb 
With something in our hearts, that if we were to stop,  
would pull us away.  
F                             E7 
There's nothing we can do, to stop feeling this blue.  


Am Dm E 
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