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Everyday Robot Ukulele tab

Damon Albarn



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Everyday Robot

Tono:  G

(They didn't know where he was going but they knew where he was, wasn't it?) 

G Dm C Em Am Am7 F G 

verse 1 
We are everyday robots on our phones, 
In the process of getting home. 
C                       Em      Am Am7 
Looking like standing stones, 
F                G 
Out there on our own. 

verse 2 
We're everyday robots in control, 
In the process of being sold. 
C                   Em         Am Am7 
Driving in adjacent cars, 
F                 G 
'Til we press 'restart.' 

(They didn't know where it was going on, but they knew what it was, wasn't it?) 

G Dm C Em Am Am7 F G 

verse 3 
Everyday robots just touch thumbs. 
Swimmin' in lingo, they become, 
Stricken in a state of sleep. 
One more vacant seat. 

verse 4 
For everyday robots getting old, 
When our lips are cold. 
Looking like standing stones, 
Out there on our own. 
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