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Apple Carts Ukulele tab

Damon Albarn



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Apple Carts

Tono:  Bm


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Repeat for a while (let ring) e---2--2--2--2- | B-------------- | G-4--4--4--4--- | D-------------- | A-------------- | E-------------- |
Bm G Pour the apple carts up from silvery hill / E7/D higher into heaven reveal. A F#m On the adult dawn respond Bm G to great authority singing halleluia halleluia F#m Love does reign
Em G In the kingdom of F# Bm the broken heart, Em G the black bird sings, F# Bm and the moon it lusts. Em G As war begins, Bm dance.
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Interlude: Bm (something like this with trills:) e-7-6-5-4--3-2-0-------- | B----------------3b-2-0- | G----------------------- | D----------------------- | A----------------------- | E----------------------- |
Bm G Now burn the apple carts burn them until a grey / E7/D fire begins to glow in the sky. A F#m There beneath the stones recharge. Bm G From great austerity raining down from above / F#m Distant is love, are disdained
Em G In the kingdom of F# Bm the broken heart. Em G a black bird sings, F# Bm the sun it lusts. Em G As war begins Bm dance.
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