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Accidental Babies Ukulele tab

Damien Rice



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Accidental Babies

Tono:  Dm

Dm   G   C Am   G 

Well I held you like a lover 
	G			C	    Csus	Am   G 
Happy hands, your elbow in the appropriate place 
    F				G 
And we ignored our others' happy plans 
	    		C	       Csus	Am      G 
For that delicate look upon your face 
Our bodies moved and hardened 
	G			   C	    	Csus 
Hurting parts of your garden, With no room for a pardon 
      Am         C			     F       G 
In a place where no one knows what we have done 

Dm G C Csus Am G Do you come together ever with him? Dm G C Csus Am G And is he dark enough, enough to see your light? Dm G And do you brush your teeth before you kiss? C Csus Am G Do you miss my smell? Dm G C Csus Am G and is he bold enough to take you on, do you feel like you belong? Dm G C Csus Am G and does he drive you wild, or just mildly free? F G What about me?
Verse2: F Well you held me like a lover G C Csus Am G Sweaty hands, and my foot in the appropriate place F G We use cushions to cover happy glands C Csus Am G In the mild issue of our disgrace F G Our minds pressed and guarded While our flesh disregarded C Csus Am F G The lack of space for the light-hearted, in the boom that beats our drum F Well I know I make you cry, G and I know sometimes you wanna die C Csus Am G But do you really feel alive without me, F if so, be free G C Csus Am G If not, leave him for me, before one of us has accidental babies F G For we are in love -==Chorus==- F G What about me?
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