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Wake Up Lovin' You Ukulele tab

Craig Morgan



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Wake Up Lovin' You

Tono:  D
Capo en el 1er traste


(Intro) D5 D C G (2x)   

D    C     G      D  (like in the Chorus) 

   D         D 
My friends call me up  
Cause they know I'm down 
G              D            D           C          G      
take me out to paint the town and help me get over it. 

   Bm           D           C             G 
A pretty blonde girl at the end of the bar 
       Bm             D                C            G 
Buys a drink, gives a wink and then it goes to far. 
      Bm         D           C             G 
We're out on the dance floor feelin' the gin 
  Bm            D        C        G 
I finally start comin' alive again 
  A             D                  C            G 
I take her home for the night and everything is right 
Until the first ray of sunlight 'n damn if I don't 
        D                 C 
Wake up lovin' you           ohhhh 
          G                D 
I wake up lovin' you 

D5                 D             C           G 
Thought if I could catch a plane touch down, out of town 
D5        D      C         G 
Somewhere nobody knows you. 

Bm            D          C             G 
Maybe I could get myself half of a chance 
    Bm           D            C              G 
To get alive and act a like a different man 
       Bm         D              C              G 
But my best of intentions were all shot to hell 
      Bm           D           C         G    
And I found myself hiding in a cheap hotel 

Drowin' in the whiskey 
Starin' at the T.V. 
Tryin' not to sleep  
                              D                  C  
'Cause I'm just gonna wake up lovin' you             yeahhhhhhh 
          G                           D 
I wake up lovin' you      yeahhhhh 

D        Bm        G         A  
          D                         C  
I wake up lovin' you             yeahhhhhhh 
          G                   A 
I wake up lovin' youuuuuu 

A          D              C               G 
Remember when I told you I was never going to stop 
Bm              D                C              G 
Lovin' you with all my heart and soul no matter what. 
Bm               D              C         G 
Now it seams I'm breaking every promise I made 

          Bm               A 
'Cause every night I'm desperate 

askin' God if He would just let me forget it 

              Bm           G 
But I wake up lovin' you 
          Bm          G 
I wake up lovin' you  

          D                      C  
I wake up lovin' you             yeahhhhhhh 
          G                    D 
I wake up lovin' you     yeahhhhhh- 
                  D            C 
-hhhhhh I wake up lovin' youuuuuuuu  ohhh 
          G            D 
I wake up lovin' you 
          D                  C 
I wake up lovin' youuuuuuuuuuu 
          G            D 
I wake up lovin' you 
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