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Rain For The Roses Ukulele tab

Craig Morgan



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Rain For The Roses

Tono:  D
Capo en el 2º traste

Intro: D  D/B  G 

It's 98 in the shade an' Mr Rose is rollin' hay. 
               D/B           D 
Eighty acres down an' ten to go. 
   NC         D 
Clouds are buildin in the south  

He knows time is runnin out  
                              D/B     G 
An'there goes that tractors radiator hose. 
  NC           D 
There aint no tricks in his straw hat 

He walks a quarter mile back. 
                      D/B                 D 
Miss Rose hears him slam that ol' screen door. 
 NC      D 
What he sees as wasted time is a blessing in disguise 
                        A               G      A 
Oh  he's cussin' what she's been prayin' for. 

     D          D/F#     G 
The day turned dark as night  
            A                Bm 
and in her eyes he saw the light  
 G         D/F#               A     (FILL 1) 
He hadn't taken the time to notice. 
 D               D/F#   G             A              Bm 
From Heaven  it poured down on that little old farm house 
            G               D/F#                  A 
Lord knows what to do when love needs time for growin' 
         D D/F# G A          D    (Intro) 
He sends   ra--in   for the Roses. 

She pulled down the window blinds 

Even though the sun wasnt shinin 
                            D/B                   D 
The rain tapped out a love song on that old tin roof. 
Wrapped up in the covers  they held on to each other  
                 A             G 
Like new lovers  on their honeymoon 

Instrumental Break Chords 
D  D/F#  G  A  Bm 

A           G               D/F#                A 
Lord knows what to do when love needs time for growin' 
          D D/F# G A 
(He sends   ra--in 
               D D/F# G A           D    (Intro) 
The Lord sends   ra--in   for the Roses. 

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