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Ridin Down The Canyon Ukulele tab


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Ridin Down The Canyon

Tono:  A7
        When evening chores are over at our ranch house on the plain 
            A7              D          D7 
        And all I've got to do is lay around 
          G            B7       C                 G 
        I saddle up my pony and ride off down the trail 
           A         A7     D   D7  G 
        To watch the desert sun go down 
        G               B7        C                G 
        Ridin' down the canyon to watch the sun go down 
          A       A7      D      D7         G 
        A picture that no artist e'er could paint 
        G7                 B7            G 
        White faced cattle lowin' on the mountian side 
        A             A7          D    D7 
        Hear a coyote whinin' for it's mate 
        G7                C         D               G 
        Cactus plants are bloomin', sagebrush every where 
        A                  A7        D     D7 
        Granite spires are standin' all around 
          G                   B7 
        I tell you folks it's heaven 
              C               G 
        To be ridin' down the trail 
        A        A7     D   D7   G 
        When the desert sun goes down 
Glenn Estes  

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