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Please Be With Me Ukulele tab


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Please Be With Me

Tono:  D
	  {Intro:} D G D G D G D G 
D             G                        D 
Upon my word what does it mean? 
         G             D 
Is it love or is it me 
That makes me change so suddenly 
                     Bm               G       D G 
From looking out to feeling free? 
D             G              D 
I sit here lying in my bed 
                   G               D 
Wondering what it was I said 
That made me think I lost my head 
             Bm                              G     D Bm 
When I knew I lost my heart instead 
                          G                    D 
    So won't you please read my signs 
    Be a gypsy 
                   G                D                 Bm 
    Tell me what I hope to find deep within me 
                          G                    D 
    And because you can find my mind 
                    Bm           G 
    Please be with me 
D               G                     D 
Of all the better things I've heard 
            G                        D 
Loving you has made the words 
And all the rest seem so absurd 
                      Bm                        G         D Bm 
'Cause in the end it all comes out I'm sure 
{repeat Chorus} 

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