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Git Along Dogies Ukulele tab


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Git Along Dogies

Tono:  D
	  Capo the 3rd fret-- 
1: D                 G           D                               E7      A7    
As I was walking one morning for pleasure, I spied a cow-puncher aridin' along. 
    D                            G           D  
His hat was throwed back and his spurs were ajinglin', and as he approached 
       A7           D 
he was singin' this song:    CHROUS 
2:   D                       G            D 
It's early in spring that we round up the dogies, We mark them and brand  
         E7            A7         D     G     
them and bob off their tales.  We round up our horses, load up the 
      D                                    A7       D   
chuck wagon, and then throw the dogies out onto the trail.    CHORUS 
It's whooping and yelling 
 and drivin' the dogies 
And oh how I wish 
 you wuld only go on! 
It's whooping and punching, 
 go on, little dogies, 
You know that Wyoming  
 will be your new home. 
Some boys, they go up on 
 the trail just for pleasure, 
But that's where they get it 
 most awfully wrong. 
You haven't a notion 
 the trouble they give us, 
It takes all our time 
 to keep moving along. 
Your mother was raised 
 way down in Texas, 
Where the jimson weed 
 and the sandburs grow. 
We'll fill you up 
 on prickly pear and cholla, 
Then throw you on  
 the trail to Idaho. 
         D  G  D        G           D 
Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo, git along little dogies, It's 
                            E7 A 
your misfortune and none of my own. 
         D  G  D        G           D              
Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo, git along little dogies, 
                      E7   A7          D 
You know that Wyoming will be your new home. 
        \ | / 
       ---O---      \ 
         /|\________ \  ____________ 
        / |  \      \ \/           | 
                     \    A BAR J  | 
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