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El Rancho Grande Ukulele tab



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El Rancho Grande

Tono:  D
Capo en el 3er traste
	  rd Fret/KEY: F/PLAY: D 
I D love to roam out yonder 
Out where the Buffalo A7 wander 
Free as the Eagle flying 
I'm roping and a-{D} tying 
I'm roping and a-tying. 
Give me my D ranch and my A7 cattle 
Far from the great city's D rattle 
Give me a big herd to A7 battle 
For I just love herding D cattle. 
Alla en la rancho grande 
Alla donde vivia 
Habia una ranche rita 
Que alegre me decia 
Que alegra me decia 
Te voy hacer tus calzones 
Como los usa el ranchero 
Te los comienzo de lana 
Te los acabo de cuero 
Additional verses: 
Sometimes the winter storms tearing 
Set all the cattle a-raring 
But when the winter is over 
We're sure enough in the clover. 
Give me the wide open spaces 
That's just where I know my place is 
I love the Ro-de-o dearly 
And the Big Round-up yearly. 
Though we play seven eleven 
My ranch is next door to Heaven 
We smile when we take a beatin' 
But hang a rat when he's cheatin'. 

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