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What I Know Now Ukulele tab

Coco Montoya

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What I Know Now

(Larry Dunn)

Tono:  Abm
	  From the "Suspicion" CD.  

Intro: Abm (Abm-F#-B) Abm (Abm-F#-B) F#   

                 B                       Ebm7  
1.  If I could start over again, it'd be so much different  
               Abm                                  E  
    today. No need to untangle, this web I'm in, stumblin'  
    over words I've said. But there's no turning back, no-o  
     Ebm7                              Ebm7-Dm7-C#m7   F#  
    longer can we work this out. If I only knew then, what I  
    know now.  

             B                    Ebm7  
2.  One too many nites alone, the girl grew weary. Cause I'd  
     Abm                                            E  
    never never stayed at home, any reason out the door, I  
    was gone. Now there's no way to have what could have been,  
       Ebm7                           Ebm7-Dm7-C#m7   F#  
    a broken heart won't allow. If I only knew then, what I   
    know now.  


Abm F# Famous last words were the last thing I E heard from her before she walked out. I F# B F# found out the hard way, what I know now.
Instr: B Ebm7 Abm E E B Ebm7 Ebm7-Dm7-C#m7 F# B Chorus repeat: B Ebm7 3. If I could have a second day, I'd turn over a brand new Abm leaf. And I'd erase all the mistakes that have come back E B Ebm7 to haunt me. But it's so hard to begin again, living in the shadow of that. Ebm7-Dm7-C#m7 F# B If I only knew then, what I know now. Ebm7 B If I only knew then, what I know now. Woh Lordy Lordy Oh Abm Abm-F#-B B B-F#-Abm Abm-F#-B Come back baby, give me one more try. B B-F#-Abm Abm-F#-B Girl I love ya, I love ya baby please dont go. B B-F#-Abm Abm-F#-B Come back baby, I'm beggin' ya, beggin' ya, please baby Abm Abm-F#-B Repeat to fade out
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