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We Are One Ukulele tab

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We Are One

Tono:  G
Capo en el 4º traste

Intro: G  C  Em  C   (2x) 

verse 1: 

Ash to ash, dust to dust  
    C        Em 
We live and die 
But in the Son, in the Son  
    C    G 
We are alive 
All for one, all for one  
       C               Em 
From every tongue and tribe  
In Jesus crucified 
'Cause Jesus is alive  
Now, once and for all time 

G We are one C Em We are all for one C G All for Jesus C Em Jesus, once for all C G To the glory of the one true God
verse 2: G King of kings, Lord of lords C Em ’Til kingdom come Em And in the end, in the end C G God all in all G He will be everything C Em Every-thing to every-one Em When death is finally done D And victory is won once and for C All of us Repeat Chorus Bridge: C D G We won't be moved; we're standing tall G/B D Once of the dust, now of the Son G/D Em All life and death, and what's to come C Belong to Christ, and Christ to God D G So here we stand, hands lifted high G/B D The very hands and feet of Christ Em No holding back; no wasting time D/F# We live for love Repeat Chorus x 2
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