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All You Had To Do Ukulele tab

Chris Montez



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All You Had To Do

Tono:  E

Intro: E Dbm A B 

E       B             E         Dbm  A 
All you had to do was tell me........that you  
B              E   Dbm A 
found somebody new. 
        B             E       Dbm   A     B 
All you had to do was tell me.......but instead  
           E   A B 
you were untrue. 

B                     E       Dbm    A       B 
All you had to do was love me........half as much  
          E   Dbm A 
as I love you. 
        B             E        Dbm   A     B 
All you had to do was love me........but instead I  
         E    E7 
was your fool. 


    A      B            E               A 
The lips I thought were only mine, were kissing  
B       E 
someone new. 
    A      B           E                 F# 
The love I thought was solely mine, will prove to  
F#7   B 
be  unture. 

E       B             E       Dbm    A         B 
All you had to do was tell me........though it would  
             E   Bbm A 
have made me sad. 
       B               E       Dbm   A       B 
If you only would have told me.......then it wouldn't  
        E  Dbm A 
hurt so bad. 

        B                E    Dbm A 
Then it wouldn't hurt so bad.........(x3)(Fade.)  
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