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Bidin My Time Ukulele tab

Chris Hillman



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Bidin My Time

Tono:  G
G                C          D 
I've seen my old friends in so many places 
     Cmaj7     G          D 
That I can't remember the names 
       G             C        D 
And it takes me back home to all of the faces 
         Cmaj7         D      G 
Where my memories will always remain 

G F Em I'm just bidin' my time D Cmaj7 D Cmaj7 It's dust on my saddle and it's clouds in my mind G F Em I'm just bidin' my time C D G D 'till I leave this old city behind
I'm tired of the concret and people so busy Their life's nothing more than a flame And a fire burns inside me in pastures are calling out Find peace of mind once again D C G Oh, listen to the trees, can't you feel the cool breeze A D Isn't this the ways meant to be? Chorus
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