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Angels Cry Ukulele tab

Chris Hillman


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Angels Cry

Tono:  E
	  E                            A           E 
Down in the valley where the wild winds blow 
E                               D         A     B 
They say   a lady died when the moon cast it's glow 
E                      D            A        
A angel in white comes walking real slow 
Her hands all wrapped  in velvet 
         B                    E 
She goes down where the water flows 
Her hair is black as raven 
A              E 
Skin so pearly white 
E                           D           A          B 
A fair maiden never walks  alone in the pale moon night 
E                           D             A 
Her voice cries often where has my lover gone 
                   E     B            E 
Took off down  the river left me here alone 
D           A      E 
Cry cry the angels cry 
E                              A              E 
Come meet me by the whillow   whispered in her ear 
E                                  D        A   B 
She waited there so patiently but  he never did appear 
She heard the  horses gallup 
       D                 A 
And the words the rider said 
                           E        B                 E 
Your true  love   has been taken to hang by the river bed 
D           A            E    D  A   E 
Cry cry the angels cry 
D                              Bm 
Why  has thou forsaken me she cried out thru the night 
                                 A                 B 
Grabbed a silver dagger  it was there she took her life 
E                                  A 
Now she wanders thru thr valley  crying out his name 
                                    D    A   B 
Searching for her  lovers ghost but only in vain 
       E                        D                  A 
For he never died that  night  still she'll never knoiw 
With her hands  all  wrapped  in velvet 
         B                    E 
She goes down where the water flows 
D           A            E    D  A   E 
Cry cry the angels cry 
From Chris Hillman  "Like A Hurricane" 
Sugar Hill Records 1998 
Bar None Music/Me And My House Music(BMI) 

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