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What A Beautiful Day Ukulele tab

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What A Beautiful Day

Tono:  G#m
Capo en el 2º traste

Intro:  G#m7  A  B  E (4x) 

C#m        B                         A          G#m7 A 
Day 1, I stumbled through "hello" on 5th avenue 
   C#m     B                               A             G#m7 A 
Day 2, we grabbed a bite to eat and talked all afternoon 
F#m                B      A                   B    
Caught a movie on day 14, on day 67 she said "I love you" to me 

E G#m7 A B Oh what a feeling, what a wonderful emotion E G#m7 A B Yeah what a life, counting my blessings and knowing Asus B Ooh we had our ups and downs, all along the way Asus B She had a chance to leave but chose to stay G#m7 A B E (x2) What a beautiful day
C#m B A G#m7 A Day 116, I asked her what she was doing for the rest of my life C#m B A G#m7 A Day 189, oh I almost lost that girl to my foolish pride F#m B A B She said "I do" on day 482, gave me a son on day 761 Chorus G#m7 A G#m7 A B Day 18,253 well honey that's 50 years, yeah here's to you and me Chorus C#m B A Day 1, I thank God I said hello on 5th avenue
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