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Chicks Dig It Ukulele tab

Chris Cagle


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Chicks Dig It

Tono:  D
Intro: D C G C x4 
D        C      G      C 
Daddy's belt, mamas drapes 
D                      C 
Standin tall on the backyard shed 
        G          C 
Lookin cool in my superman cape 
D            C 
I told the neighborhood girls 
      G               C 
Said hey yall, watch this 
D               C 
My fate was a broken arm 
         G         C 
And my reward was one big kiss 
a                    C 
When daddy asked me why i did it 
             A                C 
I made him laugh out, when i told him 
    (no chord) 
Cause the chicks did it 
D A C G Scars heal....glory fades D A C G And all we're left with are the memories made D A C G pain hurts but only for a minute C G yhea life is short so go on and live it Cause the chicks dig
D C G C x2 Verse 2: D C G C Black top road, Learner permit D Thought i was Earnhardt G C Drivin fast, but i didnt see the ditch D C Took out a mailbox, a fence, then a barn D C The police came and called my father G C But i met the farmers daughter A C And when the judge asked me why i did it A C He therw the book at my, when i told him (no chord) Cause the Chicks dig it Chorus Solo: D C G C x4 A C Just throw caution to the wind my friend A C And then sit back and watch your life begin Cause, Chorus x2 C G It dont matter if you lose or if you win it Hey the chicks dig it Outro: D C G C
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