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Breath In Breathe Out Ukulele tab

Chris Cagle

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Breath In Breathe Out

Tono:  G
	  Transposed by: Eddie Garcia ([email protected]) 
Breath In and Breathe Out 
G                D            C 
Lately I?ve been runnin? into our old friends 
And somewhere in the small talk 
        C                        D 
Someone always asks where you?ve been 
     G                  D 
So I tell them what you told me 
         C                   Cm 
And they can?t believe we?re through 
     G               Em 
They ask me what I?m doin? now 
      C                     D 
And incase you?re wonderin? too? 
G                        D 
I breathe in and breathe out 
    C                        D 
Put one foot in front of the other 
                  G               D 
Take one day at a time, until you find 
         C                      D 
I?m that someone you can?t live without 
          C                 D              G 
But until then I?ll breathe in and breathe out 
G                  D              C 
Now I?ve got every reason to find someone new 
      D                C 
Cause you swore up and down to me 
C                          D 
That I?ve seen the last of you 
But the way you loved me 
D               C                  Cm 
Girl it left me hopin? and holdin? on 
    G                     Em 
So until this world stops turnin? round 
    C                             D 
And my heart believes that you?re gone? 
Am                C                  Am  C 
Yes were meant to be girl there?s no doubt 
          Am                   C 
And if it takes the rest of my life 
    Am               D 
For you to figure it out? 
(repeat chorus) Key change  A  E  D 
Eddie Garcia 
**Keepin' it Country** 

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