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Break Aotl Ukulele tab

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Break Aotl

Tono:  A

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Intro e|-----------------------| B|---1-------------------| G|-------4-2~--2--0h2-/4-| D|--2------------2-------| (2x) A|-0----2----------------| E|-----3-----------------|
Turn on the lights in here, baby Extra bright, I want y'all to see this Turn on the lights in here, baby Know what I mean, want you to see everything Want you to see all of the-- A2 Am G2 F Hollerin' at this Japanese girl, Asian mommy E G But is it too soon for Japanese girls? Too tsunami? A2 Am G2 F Is it racist if I say she tastes like edamame? E G Was I supposed to stay uncool? Please remind me Am E F (What the fuck is up?) G2 F Yeah, it's Cheezy, ho E G I'm so cheesy, ho, my swag's got high cholesterol Am E F I know y'all girls, I met them all G2 You're her ex-man like Cannonball F E G I ain't got shit to say to ya, I'm known for bad behavior Am Look at me E F G2 Man, I went to the W from Double Tree F E G Makin' out with girls who black and yellow like a bumblebee Am E F G2 Can I live up to all this hype they have for me? It's hard to tell F E G But these girls I'm kissin' chase the blues away like Gargamel Am E F I'm back in the game, coach put me in G2 T-Pain flow, all I do is win F E G With a glass full of McCallan to mess me up STOP And the cash we can throw at them unless we fuck E Dopeness F G2 F After this I hit the highway E G I'm headin' west like I'm fuckin' blowin' Kanye A2 Am G2 F Read the fuckin' news, Huey Lewis, nigga E G You can't go HAM, you's a Jewish nigga A2 Am G2 Donald Glover, you don't have to call me "Childish" F E G Except for when I'm flirting with your half-Latino stylist Am E F Photoshoot, beach house playin' Beach House, free wireless G So I can post these pictures on my website of her smilin' Am E F I kissed this girl I've liked since back when I was just a sophomore G But I'm afraid to text her "What the fuck it take so long for?!" Am E F What the fuck has changed? Is it swagger? Is it money? G I still dress the fuckin' same and my nose is still as ugly Am E F As the day you fuckin' met me They tellin' me I'm the rapper for these white kids G 'Cause black kids can't possibly like the same shit Am E F I wanna bring you back to the studio, try and get your number G Am These black girls with natural hair who keep up with their tumblrs E F I like it when you tweet me, you smell like baby lotion G I wanna suck your breasts and finger blast to Frank Ocean (Start Finger Pick) Am F Her pussy tastes like vanilla, tasty ho Am F Clown niggas then I kill 'em, Gacy flow Am F It's crazy how these labels and these blogs are on my dick Am F I'm Pryor in his last years: comedian who's sick (Am) Fuck, but I am sick, seriously, I don't feel so good 'Cause I don't get sleep, and I'm always travelin' And I don't go home, and my friends don't call 'Cause I turned off my phone I've made mistakes, I bumped my head Inside of this girl, inside of my bed Whatever, man, I'm just havin' fun I'm sorry that I fucked her but now you know that she's not the one Am E2 F I'm doin' you a favor, like every time I rhyme or write a script or do a movie G Am There's a million ways to shine, choose one E2 Instead of what you're doing tonight F G IAMDONALD, coming soon, we've got all of the lights Am E F Turn on the lights in here, baby F G Extra bright, I want y'all to see this Am E F Turn on the lights in here, baby F G Know what I mean, want you to see everything E Want you to see all of the--
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Outro (Fade) E|-8/3~--8---------------| B|--------8/5-5/3-3/5/33-| G|-----------------------| (2x) D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------|
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