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The Rivers Ukulele tab

Cheryl Wheeler



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The Rivers

Tono:  G
Capo en el 4º traste

Intro: G  D  G  C  G D G 

                 D      G       C 
In the afternoon light, riding around 
               G        D 
Riding my bike all over town 
     G        D       C 
They said on TV, that out west right now 
    G          D      G 
The rivers can poison us 

                     D      G           C 
And it was hard to believe, watching it win 
                     G           D 
Kept coming down and kept coming in 
    G       D                 Em 
And finally reached where our great cities stand 
        C          D      G 
Now the rivers can poison us 

    Am                        D 
And once more we find out, in case we forgot 
G                           Em 
Just who is strong here and just who is not 
   Am                        D 
As if we could hand her some route that we'd plot 
            G          D      G 
And now the rivers can poison us 

              D         G          C 
It lifted the trash, it lifted the gold 
                     G           D 
And lifted the lives too weak to hold 
G           D         C 
All swept into some diluvian fold 
    G          D      G 
The rivers can poison us 

                             D         G               C 
And it's like all that we've done, has seeped from the sea 
                                  G              D 
It's been, take what you want and leave what you leave 
   G              D          Em 
We sure have been pigs since Adam and Eve 
        C          D      G 
Now the rivers can poison us 

    Am                       D 
And I love the thought of us all being one 
    G                            Em 
But kids in the third grade pack needles and guns 
    Am                     D 
And now we might die if we lie in the sun 
        G          D      G 
And the rivers can poison us 

            D      G           C 
Salt of the earth, ebb and the flow 
                     G            D 
All that we have and more than we know 
G          D            C 
Laden with garbage from decades ago 
    G          D      G 
The rivers can poison us 

                D       G           C 
Well, maybe one day the great salty blue 
                        G           D 
Will swallow us up with all that we knew 
    G                 D         Em 
And things will start over like they always do 
         C          D      G    D  Em 
When the rivers can poison us 
    C          D      G 
The rivers can poison us 
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