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Summers Almost Over Ukulele tab

Cheryl Wheeler



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Summers Almost Over

Tono:  G
Capo en el 3er traste

Intro: G   Am   G 

                             Am                       C     
Summer's almost over and I'm crying, but I don't know why 
G                     Am                          C     
Sentimental old fool, weeping for this blue, blue sky 
        D                               C 
And the way the cat is sleeping and the way the garden grew 
D                                     C                      D 
Wagging dogs who lick my face and the way I feel for you 

G                               Am                        C     
Paddling in the kayaks, with my sister, through the quiet creek 
G                           Am                   C     
Moon upon the water and the river breeze upon my cheek 
        D                               C 
And the way my father shuffles with his courage and his cane 
        D                                    C                      D 
And the way September bluffs and feints 'til autumn falls again 

G                            Am                       C     G  Am  G  D 
Summer's almost over and I'm crying, but I don't know why 

  G                           Am                C     
A party for my birthday and a tractor for my 50 years 
G                                     Am                      C  
Swallows at their bird play, spin and dive above the new mown fields 
      D                        C 
And a week in Colorado reading books with my best friend 
        D                              C                    D 
And the thing I knew I couldn't do and now I know I can 

          G                               Am                    C     
Who could help but welcome autumn and the promise of the winter snows? 
              G                                Am                       C 
Still there's something sweet and wistful as I watch this lovely summer go 
        D                             C 
But the sun is sinking sooner and the weeds have won at last 
         D                             C                         
With the berries on the bushes and the crickets in the grass 

INTERLUDE: D   C   D   C  G   C  G   C  G  D   

G                            Am                       C  
Summer's almost over and I'm crying, but I don't know why 
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