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Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt Ukulele tab

Cheryl Wheeler



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Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt

Tono:  G
Capo en el 1er traste

    G                          Cadd9 
I remember when George used to come to our house 
      Dsus4      D          G 
For a meeting of one of his clubs 
He would often drive down, 'cause we lived close to town 
          Dsus4        D            G 
Where the pulse of the big business was 

He belonged to the Yacht Club, the Truckers, the Shriners 
       Dsus4     D           G 
Though he had no boat and no rig 
Still, he'd eat roast beef dinners and hobnob with winners 
    Dsus4        D             G 
And wait 'til he hit something big 

      C                          G           D 
But before he could get that big fish on the line 
         C        G      Am         D 
They let everyone in and ruined the Shrine 
           G                C 
And he was easily riled and likely to shout 
D                              G     C  G 
Frequently wrong, but never in doubt 

His friends called him Skippy, but he had no family 
     Dsus4       D              G 
'Til my mother's folks took him in 
Just a short blond and wavy, boy from the navy 
    Dsus4    D          G 
And he never left home again 

    C                     G          D 
How he married Agnes, oh, I'll never know 
        C            G          Am            D 
She was gracious and gentle and she loved him so 
           G                      C 
And he was grand in her eyes when they would go out 
    D                              G     C  G 
And frequently wrong, but never in doubt 

    Am         G         C 
Oh, I guess he had a big time 
D           Am     D     C 
Sharing the secret symbol 
     Am       G           C 
With masters elect of the night 
D           Am    D  G   C      D   G 
Down at the Boumi Temple 

Well, I guess he was crazy, I think he was lonely 
   Dsus4      D        G 
My mother was his best friend 
He hollered and cried the day that she died 
    Dsus4    D        G 
And I rarely saw him again 

      C                          G       D 
And I guess I've forgotten since I was a kid 
        C           G            Am           D 
I don't know why we loved him, I just know we did 
           G             C 
And he was easily riled, likely to shout 
D                              G     C  G  
Frequently wrong, but never in doubt 
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