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Little Wing Ukulele tab

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Little Wing

(Jimmy Hendrix)

Tono:  Em
            Em        D/F#        G 
Well, she's walking through the clouds 
       Am                         Em7 
with a circus mind that's running wild 
Bm7                   Bbm7    Am7   C 
buterflies and zebras and moonbeams 
     G          Fadd9    C      D 
and fairy tales, fly on little wing. 

When I´m sad , she comes to me 
with a thousand smiles she give to me free. 
It's alright , she says It's allright, 
take anything you want from me, 
anything, anthing,... 

Inter: con acordes del tema. 

Well, she's walking... 

When I´m sad,... 
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