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Without You Ukulele tab

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Without You

Áño: 2000 - Álbum: Bridging the Gap

Tono:  G
	  Intro: G G9 Em G G9 Em C9 
G G9 Em G G9 C G G9 
It feels like a lifetime 
A thousand days have passed by 
Since I held you, close to me 
If I could see that smile, from my friend 
I know that I could live again 
I need you, here with me 
C9 C9 B Heaven knows, what to say Am7 Em Even though for right now, you're so far away Am7 Em I hope, and I pray Am7 D7add9 Somewhere in your heart, I'll always stay Em D9 F# Girl lately G C9 My sun doesn't shine without you Em D9 F# Never noticed G C9 What it feels like to be without you Am7 Feels like I took Bm7 A C# Cm My last step, and my last breath, and my life's ending Bm Em Had to say just what I was feeling girl Am7 Cause my sun doesn't shine Cm7 Sun doesn't shine
Inro Without you This is more for me, than for you Girl I finally see there's no substitute For what we have Do you know how much I love you And that we shared, I can't forget Girl a love like yours I'll never let just slip away Just promise that you'll stay Heaven knows, what to say Even though for right now, you're so far away Gonna tell you, and show you Do whatever I can do to get back to you {Chorus} Em Eb D Have you ever seen a flower that never blooms Db C Seen a starless night without the moon B Well that's me without you A B C D So come back and turn my nights into days {Chorus} Without you
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