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Titanic Ukulele tab

Celine Dion



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 F              C 
Every night in my dreams,  
 Bbadd2       F    C  
I see you, I feel you 
 F             C         Bbadd2 
That is how I know you go on. 

 F              C 
Far across the distance 
 Bbadd2        F   C 
and spaces between us 
 F                 C     Bbadd2 
you have come to show you go on. 

 Dm   C     Bbadd2      C 
Near, far, wherever you are 
    Dm              C          Bbadd2      C 
I believe that the heart does go on. 

 Dm   C      Bbadd2      C 
Once more you open the door 
          Dm           Am7 
and you're here in my heart 
        Bbadd2       F      C       
and my heart will go on and on. 

Dm - Csus4}- Bbadd2 

 F                 C 
Love can touch us one time 
   Bbadd2       F    C  
and last for a life time 
 F             C           Bbadd2 
and never let go till we're one. 

 F                C 
Love was when I loved you 
   Bbadd2        F   A7/C# 
one true time I hold to 
 Dm              Am7     Bbadd2 
in my life we'll always go on. 

Dm - Csus4 - Bbadd2 - Csus4 - Dm - Csus4 - Bbadd2 - A7 

(here'is the best moment :))) 

 F#m     E             Dadd2        E 
You're  here, there's nothing I fear 
       F#m          E           Dadd2      E 
and i know that my heart will go on. 
 F#m   E    Dadd2           E 
We'll stay forever this way 
         F#m        C#m7 
you are safe in my heart 
        Dadd2        A   E   A 
and my heart will go on and on. 

A - E - A - A - D - D - D - A 
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