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Rescue Ukulele tab


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Tono:  E
	  Rescue (Catalau) 
E                                 F#                
We were going to the hell  
G                   A 
Losing our souls 
E                        F#                     G                A  
Making deal with the devil selling our blood 
E               F#                         G                                  A 
Deal out the rest of life in the valley of the death 
E                        F# 
Sex, drugs and rock´n´roll 
G                                A 
Waiting the last breath 
A                     D/F#                                   G 
Jesus Christ you paid the price for our life  
E                               A 
Things will be all right 
A                  D/F# 
In the cross you erased my past 
G                        E                    A                     
You lift up the life the very best  
A                   D/F# 
Jesus Christ I love my Lord 
G                     E 
Teach us all your love 
A                        D/F# 
Show me clear the spiritual world 
G                          E 
Train us for the war 
Bm   Bm/A           G 
Flesh screen very loud 
D/F#           E 
I was slave to  my bride  
Sin dwells in me 
Bm Bm/A            G 
I had a hole in my soul 
D/F#                   E 
Heart of stone, blindness 
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