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Hoodie Ukulele tab

Cassadee Pope



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(Cassadee Pope, Emily Weisband, Johan Fransson)

Tono:  Bbm

Gb     Db       Bbm        Ab   Gb 
Tu-ru-ru, tu-ru-ru, tu-ru-ru 
      Db         Bbm        Ab 
Tu-ru-ru, tu-ru -ru, tu-ru-ru

How have you been? 
        Db                     Ab                  Gb 
Are you still in, the little town where…we…found love? 
              Bbm                     Db 
Seems like…forever since, your cigarettes 
Ab                 Gb 
After school by…my car 
     Bbm                  Db 
Hope I didn't ruin, what you were doin' 
      Ab                    Gb 
No, I didn't mean to interrupt 
              Bbm                     Db 
If it ain't a good time, well that's fine 
       Ab              Gb 
You'll stop me once I start 
    Bbm               Db 
The price of gas is crazy now 
     Ab                Gb 
The weather's been so up and down 
Bbm             Db 
Oh my God I'm stallin' now 
I was just calling 

Gb Db 'Cause I found your hoodie, in my backseat Bbm Ab And I wore it, still smells like you Gb Db Bbm And it's funny, how it took me, back to us Ab Gb It's got nothing to do with, being in love Db Wanting you back Bbm Ab It's not a big deal but boy take it as Gb Db Bbm Me just thinking, thinking you should know that Ab Gb I found your hoodie Gb Db Bbm Ab Tu-ru-ru, tu-ru-ru, tu-ru-ru Gb I found your hoodie Db Bbm Ab Tu-ru-ru, tu-ru -ru, tu-ru-ru
Gb Db Bbm If you want it, I can bring it Ab Gb If you don't need it, I'll keep it Db Bbm Ab It's no pressure, it's no difference to me, oh Gb Db I promise I'm not hoping that you'll wanna see me too Bbm Ab Maybe grab a cup of coffee, maybe see where it can move Gb Db Bbm Ab No way, no way, babe
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