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Another you Ukulele tab




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Another you

Áño: 2006 - Álbum: Everytime We Touch

Tono:  F#
	  {intro - Piano} 
F#                     C# 
So many times I was alone I couldn't sleep 
             B                             F# 
You left me drowning in the tears of memory 
F#                            C# 
And ever since you've gone, I found it hard to breathe 
                   B                                    F#   (C#) 
Cause there was so much that your heart just couldn't see 
F#          C#            B              F#    (C#) 
A thousand wasted dreams rolling off my eyes 
F#              C#             B          C# 
But time's been healing me and I say goodbye 
F# C# Cause I can breathe again, dream again D#m C# I'll be on the road again B F# C# Like it used to be the other day
F# C# Now I feel free again, so innocent D#m C# B C# D#m Cause someone makes me whole again for sure B F# I'll find another you VERSE 2 (same chords as nr 1) Could you imagine someone else is by my side I've been afraid he couldn't keep myself from falling My heart was always searching for a place to hide Could not await the dawn to bring another day Your not the only one so hear me when I say The thoughts of you that just fade away Chorus INTERLUDE B C# F# C# Sometimes I see you when I close my eyes B C# You're still apart of my life... Chorus
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