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My One And Only Love Ukulele tab

Carmen McRae

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My One And Only Love

(Robert Mellin/Guy Wood)

Tono:  C
Introdução: Dm7 G7 C C/B Am7 Am7/G Dm7 G7 

C            Em7              Dm7       G7 
The very thought of you makes my heart sing, 
       C7M          F         Dm6       Em7 
Like an April breeze on the wings of spring. 
Dm7      G7         C   C/B Am7  Am7/G 
And you appear in all your splendor,  
Dm7        G7       C 
My one and only love. 
C               Em7             Dm7          G7 
The shadows fall and spread their mystic charms 
       C7M        F            Dm6         Em7 
In the hush of night while you are in my arms. 
Dm7          G7           C C/B Am7  Am7/G 
I feel your lips so warm    and   tender,  
Dm7       G7        C 
My one and only love. 
    Em                    F#m7      B7 
The touch of your hand is like heaven,  
   Em              F#m7      B7 
A heaven that I've never known. 
    Em       Em7             A9       A7/9 
The blush on your cheek whenever I speak  
Dm       Dm7         Dm7  G7 
Tells me that you are my own. 
C                Em7          Dm7     G7 
You fill my eager heart with such desire, 
       C7M       F           Dm6     Em7 
Every kiss you give sets my soul on fire, 
Dm7        G7          C   C/B Am7  Am7/G 
I give  myself   in  sweet     surrender,  
Dm7        G7     C 
My one and only love. 
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