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Unbreakable Heart Ukulele tab

Carlene Carter


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Unbreakable Heart

Tono:  Bb
Capo en el 3er traste
	  UNBREAKABLE HEART (by Benmont Tench; recorded by Carlene Carter) 
{Actually in Bb - .} 
{Each chord is half a measure, except "Em - D" is one measure total.} 
{Sorry it's kind of hard to read; the lines of this song are structured 
 oddly.  All the verses are basically the same, but I wrote them all out 
 because they're not easy to memorize.} 
{I'm pretty unsure about a lot of these chords, especially in the bridge. 
 Any suggestions are more than welcome.} 
{The C's and Em's with * by them have an extra high G in them (pinky on 
 the 3rd fret of the E string).} 
{Some unusual chord fingerings, and more comments, are at the end.} 
G   Bm   C   Am7/D     G   Bm   C   Am7/D 
         G     Bm   C   Am7/D  G     Bm   C   Am7/D 
An empty house,       a broken fairy tale 
         G    Bm   C      Am7/D  Em*  Em*  C*  C/D 
A hollow girl        with empty  arms 
        A7sus4  Em     Am   B7           Em*    Em* 
From an angel's tears,      God made the stars 
A9/C#   A9/C#     C*      C   Am/D    Am/D      G     Bm   C   Am7/D 
        Why can't he make me     an unbreakable heart 
G  Bm  C  Am7/D 
           G     Bm   C     Am7/D      G        Bm   C   Am7/D 
In my blue world,       you shone like heaven's fire 
            G  Bm  C  Am7/D  Em*  Em*  C*  C/D 
And left me crying    in the dark 
          A7sus4  Em  Am  B7    Em*  Em* 
How could any  -  one     be so hard 
A9/C#   A9/C#   C*      C   Am/D      Am/D      G     C/G  G  G 
        Did you think I had      an unbreakable heart 
Ddim/G#   Am7  F#m7/5-     Em - D   C           G/B        Am        G 
I    suppose     I should know       sometimes love just comes and goes 
    Ddim/G#   Am7  F#m7/5-     Em - D   A7      A7     C   C/D 
But I  believed,     foolish me,       we'd go on and on 
     G   Bm  C    Am7/D    G       Bm   C   Am7/D 
One day,      someone will come to you 
             G    Bm   C   Am7/D  Em*  Em*  C*  C/D 
And rock you tight   -  ly in her arms 
         A7sus4  Em   Am         B7        Em*   Em* 
Please remember  this   when you drop your guard 
A9/C#  A9/C#  C*  C   Am/D     Am/D      G     Bm   C   Am7/D 
           Nobody has     an unbreakable heart 
        A7sus4  Em    Am     B7      Em*   Em* 
From an angel's wings   to a falling star 
A9/C#   A9/C#     C*   C     Am/D      Am/D      G     Bm   C   Am7/D    G. 
        God makes everything     but unbreakable hearts 
Am7/D: xx0010   Em*: 022003   C*: x32013   C/D: xx0010   A7sus4: x02030 
A9/C#: x42000   Am/D: xx0210   Ddim: xx0101 or xx0131   F#m7/5-: 2x2210 
A couple other notes on the chords: 
1) The C* and Em* chords probably aren't really played by the guitar; 
   I just put them in because they echo the melody of the song. 
2) The B7 isjust two quarter notes.  The first doesn't include an F# on 
   the high E string, the second does.  (I.e., play x2120x, then x21202.) 
3) In the bridge, where it goes Em - D, don't play the highest strings on 
   either of those chords.  (The D is more like D5.) 
4) In the A9/C#, make sure you hit that C#, or it'll sound weird. 
5) In the Em* chords before A9/C#, you can play the descending notes 
   by moving your pinky from 3 down to 2 as you get toward the A9 
Adam Schneider               [email protected]              U.C. Santa Cruz 
          Mail me if you want guitar chords for Mary-Chapin Carpenter, 
               Indigo Girls, Suzanne Vega, Lucinda Williams, etc. 
E-Chords has the most powerful ukulele chords dictionary on the internet. You can enter any chord and even choose the pitch of each string.

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