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Everywhere I Go Ukulele tab

Caitlin Rose



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Everywhere I Go

Tono:  D
Intro: D G Em G 

verse 1
        D               G 
I could sail across the ocean 
       Em           G 
To the shoreline of Japan 
D                 G 
Cut through every city 
    Em            G 
And every foreign land 
     D           G            Em        G 
Run away from it all, just as fast as I can 
       D              G 
But no matter where I go 
   Em             G           D    G   Em   G 
No matter where I go, there I am 

verse 2 (Same chords) 

I could fly down the street 
In some fast and fancy car 
Kiss everyone that I meet 
In every other bar 
Fall in love a million times, between near and far 
But no matter where I go 
No matter where I go, there you are 
There you are 

(Repeat verse chords) 

Bm Em Bm Em 

     Bm              G 
With eyes fixed on a lens 
    Am     C      D 
Two lovers pose again 
   Bm             G    A 
Forever will they be unchanged 

verse 3 

In a room out of town 
There's a picture in a drawer 
Of all that could've been 
All that came before 
Standing in the light, or hiding in the dark 
No matter where I go 
No matter where you go 
There we are 
There we are 

(Repeat the verse chords, then end with) 

Bm Em Bm Em D 
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