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This Time Ukulele tab

Bryan Adams


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This Time

Áño: 1990 - Álbum: So Far So Good

Tono:  A
	  Intro:  A  D  G  E  A  D  G  E    A  D  G  E  A  D  G    E  
D                 A             F#m      E    
I think about her all the time, she's my fantasy
D                A           F#m            E    
An image burning in my mind, calling out to me
D                      A                      
While my imagination's running wild, yeah
Bm7                 E      
Things are getting clearer, oh
A    D
This time
G             E
Everything is all right
A   D         G         E
No way she's gonna get away
A     D    G            E
This time everything is easy
A    D  G                    E
Any day   I'm gonna make her mine
D                  A             F#m            E    
I thought of every word I'd say, give or take a few
D                        A           F#m               E       
But she turns and slowly walks away, what do I have to do?
D                A             
Hey turn up your radio, oh
Bm7                      E      
There's something I want you to know, yeah

Gtr solo over Chorus Chords  -  A  D  G  E  (4x ENDS ON THE G)
     F#m                       E
It's hard to take, cause she's miles away
          F#m           E
And I've waited a long time
But the feeling is right
Darling one of these nights, yeah
Bm7               E
I'm gonna let you know, oh
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